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ECONSE Set to Launch Craft Brewery Wastewater Solution

Working closely with craft breweries to better understand their needs and challenges, ECONSE has developed a sustainable solution for managing brewery effluent.

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Making Water Purification Greener with Forward Osmosis

At a time when end users are conscious of carbon footprint, Forward Water’s promising energy forecast of forward osmosis could be the next green benchmark for water purification.

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Managing Flooding in Six Nations

Clynt King wants to help his community adapt to a changing climate and mitigate its impacts. Together with the Collingwood-based Greenland Group of Companies, his community is building a foundation and a plan of action.

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Impact: Bishop Finds Nutrient Removal Success with Bacteria “Condos”

Bishop Water Technologies offers a cost-effective wastewater solution for a New Brunswick vegetable processing facility.

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Ontario Companies Partner for Success in Colombia

Clearford Water Systems and UV Pure Technologies combine complementary solutions to approach a new market.

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Ontario Water News

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Ryerson Urban Water Launches Five-Year Strategic Plan

The research group aims to use research, education, and effective policy implementation to ensure a healthy urban water cycle.

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TECTA-PDS Opens New Headquarters in Kingston

The company’s head office, engineering facility, and manufacturing facility are now located in Kingston, Ontario.

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WaterTAP, OCSI, and MFOA Host Ensuring Affordability Workshop

This April 25 workshop in Eganville, Ontario focused on addressing the unique challenges that small municipalities experience in providing water and wastewater services.

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2017 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference

Water recycling has emerged as a key strategy in competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, and compliance for a variety of industrial sectors.

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IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

The 14th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies is designed to be the place where new ideas are introduced and the opportunity is provided to interact with the “best of the best”.

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World Water Congress

The XVIth World Water Congress “Bridging Science and Policy” to be held in Cancun, Mexico.

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