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ECONSE: Tapping into Niche Markets

The Toronto company continues to accelerate progress for wastewater treatment in the brewery and winery industries.

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H2nanO: Accelerating Market Readiness

This KW-based company is leveraging partnerships and expert advice as it prepares to disrupt the treatment space with a nanotech solution.

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Strategic Digital Promotion: Making Client-Oriented Websites

One digital experience firm makes the case for driving your website’s strategy according to client needs.

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Nanolytix Pioneers Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Technology for Water Quality Detection

The days of traditionally expensive, remote, and slow monitoring approaches are numbered, says Harjeet Bajaj, the company’s CEO.

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Making Water Purification Greener with Forward Osmosis

At a time when end users are conscious of carbon footprint, Forward Water’s promising energy forecast of forward osmosis could be the next green benchmark for water purification.

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Impact: Bishop Finds Nutrient Removal Success with Bacteria “Condos”

Bishop Water Technologies offers a cost-effective wastewater solution for a New Brunswick vegetable processing facility.

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Ontario Water News

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Delving into Decentralized Issues

WaterTAP and OOWA to host a special consultation session in Mississauga.

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CHAR Announces LOI to Acquire Altech Group

The new joint enterprise may provide advantage in commercializing a new solid fuel.

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Lystek Wins EPIC Funding from California Energy Commission

Cambridge-based company receives more than $1.5 million in grant funding.

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Bridging the Final Mile to Cleantech Exports

Join a panel of trade experts for a 60-minute live webcast on the growing global demand for clean technology.

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American Water Summit

This conference focuses on the water sector in North America.

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Delving Into Decentralized Issues– Stakeholder Consultation Session

A special consultation event to gather stakeholder input on small town planning and policy issues impacting efficient rural wastewater servicing.

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