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Ontario Water Innovation Week

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WaterTAP hosts Ontario Water Innovation Week (OnWIN) from October 22-26, 2018.

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Global Energetix Launches Energy Efficient Treatment Solution

The Kingston, Ontario company is currently at the patent stage and partnering with universities to advance its electrochemical water treatment solution.

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TECTA-PDS Prepares for Success in China

Bringing a new solution to a foreign market comes with its challenges, but preparing to serve that market in its own language is helping TECTA-PDS gain traction.

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From Beer to Carrots: Econse Powers Up for Semi-Final Stage of George Barley Competition

Toronto, Ontario-based company advances to final round of a $10-million phosphorus reduction competition.

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Investing in Canadian Solutions: Current Water Technologies Aims for Success at Home

With the assistance of WaterTAP, the Guleph, Ontario-based company is bringing its entrepreneurial ambitions back to home turf.

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Cool Waters: Readying the Globe for Enersion’s Green Chiller Solution

The Toronto company has developed a pilot-ready green cooling technology for data and manufacturing facilities.

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Staying inCTRL: Getting Ready for the International Market

With the help of WaterTAP, the Oakville-based company is stepping up its global partnership efforts.

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Ontario Water News

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Canadian Water Tech Tour Visits Chicago and Milwaukee

After pitching to three major utilities, Canadian companies report on success south of the border.

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H2nanO Completes First Stage of COSIA Demonstration Project

The Kitchener, Ontario company recently completed a demonstration project to treat process-affected water in the oil sands.

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2018 Aquahacking Challenge Announces Five Finalist Teams

Winners of the challenge will be selected and announced on October 25 during Ontario Water Innovation Week in Toronto.

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Upcoming Events

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Pipelines 2018 Conference

Experts share their experiences in meeting the challenges of today’s pipeline infrastructure.

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WDSA / CCWI Joint Conference

Queen’s University hosts this forum to exchange ideas about the big challenges facing the water industry.

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World Water Week

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues.

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