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Intuitive Water’s Steady Expansion Across Canada

Binbrook, Ontario company’s expansion has been supported by WaterTAP’s Growth Catalyst program.

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Ontario Water Innovation Week

Dive in.

WaterTAP hosts Ontario Water Innovation Week (OnWIN) from October 22-26, 2018.

Early Bird Tickets Now Available!

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Global Energetix Launches Energy Efficient Treatment Solution

The Kingston, Ontario company is currently at the patent stage and partnering with universities to advance its electrochemical water treatment solution.

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TECTA-PDS Prepares for Success in China

Bringing a new solution to a foreign market comes with its challenges, but preparing to serve that market in its own language is helping TECTA-PDS gain traction.

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From Beer to Carrots: Econse Powers Up for Semi-Final Stage of George Barley Competition

Toronto, Ontario-based company advances to final round of a $10-million phosphorus reduction competition.

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Investing in Canadian Solutions: Current Water Technologies Aims for Success at Home

With the assistance of WaterTAP, the Guleph, Ontario-based company is bringing its entrepreneurial ambitions back to home turf.

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Cool Waters: Readying the Globe for Enersion’s Green Chiller Solution

The Toronto company has developed a pilot-ready green cooling technology for data and manufacturing facilities.

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Staying inCTRL: Getting Ready for the International Market

With the help of WaterTAP, the Oakville-based company is stepping up its global partnership efforts.

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Ontario Water News

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United Utilities Adopts EMAGIN AI Technology

UK utility becomes the first utility to adopt AI technology from the Kitchener, Ontario-based company.

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$1.15T Global Cleantech Market Offers Significant Opportunity for Canadian Exporters

According to recent estimates, the global market is ripe for Canadian cleantech exporters.

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Lystek Announces Commercial Scale Mobile Unit

Cambridge, Ontario company has announced the commercialization of its first, low temperature, low pressure mobile Thermal Hydrolysis Processing unit.

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Latornell Conservation Symposium 2018

A forum for practitioners, policy makers, non-government organizations, academics and businesses to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities in Ontario’s conservation field.

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Environment Industry Day (EID) 2018

Members of the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) visit the Legislature each year to meet with a range of MPPs and Ministers to discuss the contribution companies make, the issues they face, and their potential to benefit Ontario’s economy and environment. 

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Webinar: Canada Cleantech Connect Challenge with Biofabrica

Connect with Biofabrica, a Mexican company dedicated to the research, development, production and commercialization of low cost biofertilizers that, in addition to reducing or eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, increase agricultural production and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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