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BluMetric Secures $1M Contracts in Central America

Ottawa-based BluMetric Environmental Inc. recently announced two new sales in Central America valued at more than $1 million cumulatively.

The awarding of these contracts were a part of BluMetric’s Americas strategy: To build client confidence through long-standing relationships in target sectors that enable the company to focus on specific client needs – in these cases, an emphasis on developing technologies and tactics for the food-beverage-agriculture (FBA) and industrial-commercial-development (ICD) sectors, but also tailored for the mining sector, especially as it relates to ammonia reduction.

The FBA sector contract provides primary treatment design and equipment supply, and involves a tailor-made solution for a growing client, El Salvador’s Productos Alimenticios DIANA, which has an aggressive development plan requiring a cost-effective, expandable solution for wastewater treatment in response to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

The ICD contract, with CODEMON in the Dominican Republic, evolved from a standard BluMod product-line membrane bioreactor employing the LG flatsheet membrane.