Ontario Water News

Econse Sells First Wastewater Treatment System to Gravenhurst Brewery

After conducting measurements and analysis of wastewater output in fall 2016, Toronto-based Econse Water Purification Systems Inc. has sold the first of its BrüClean technology systems to Sawdust City Brewing, a beer producer located in Gravenhurst.

The craft brewer’s use of the onsite, chemical-free technology will result in economic and environmental savings by diverting wastewater from the District of Muskoka’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant. The innovative wastewater management solution will also help protect the more than 80 lakes that service the Gravenhurst region.

The Sawdust launch is the first to launch the Craft Beer Waterprints project (read more here), with a number of other brewery adoptions to follow. This initiative is part of a broader effort to educate and remediate wastewater generated by the Ontario small brewer community.