Ensuring Affordability: Strategies for Rural Water Infrastructure

April 25, 2017 - April 25, 2017

Eganville, Ontario

Small, rural municipalities face unique challenges in providing water and wastewater services to the public. With small, dispersed populations, the economics of traditional big pipe solutions may not be favourable or affordable in the long-term for the rural community. And further, the policies, regulations, programs, and practices tend not to favour alternatives to the traditional solutions. The result is that municipalities either have or are influenced to build infrastructure that they and their constituents cannot afford in the long term.

WaterTAP, in partnership with the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI), and the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario (MFOA), is hosting an Ensuring Affordability Workshop.

Through this workshop, municipalities will gain a better understanding of affordability issues impacting their own water infrastructure and will collectively determine how to move forward in delivering sustainable services.The following questions will be explored:

  • How do you determine if you have an affordability issue with your existing water and wastewater infrastructure?
  • How can you avoid an affordability issue when seeking solutions to address your current water and wastewater needs?
  • What barriers exist to seeking out alternative solutions for water and wastewater infrastructure?
  • What is an affordable path forward for your municipality?

Municipalities interested in participating in the workshop must attend with a team of at least two staff members with the following expertise:

  • Knowledge of your municipality’s official plan/master plan
  • Knowledge of your municipality’s capital and operating budget
  • Knowledge of your municipality’s infrastructure needs/asset management plan

Teams are encouraged to include an elected municipal official and/or the CAO.

Participating municipalities are asked to bring one copy of the following to the workshop:

  • Official Plan
  • Capital Budget/Master Plan
  • Asset Management Plan
  • A summary of water and wastewater servicing costs and charges

This workshop is open Eastern Ontario municipalities. If your municipality is interested in attending, please contact Lesley Herstein (, 416-593-0303 x108) for more information. Space is limited, so be sure to contact us to book your spot as soon as possible.