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Headlines featuring Ontario’s water sector champion.

Industry learns how to put its polluted water back to work

“You have to be alert to ‘green washing’,” says Brent Wootton, director and senior scientist at the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment in Peterborough, Ont., “but there is a shift and many companies are starting to see this as economically beneficial as well as environmentally responsible.”

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Fostering innovation in the water sector

The water sector is slow to adopt new solutions, and for good reason. Providing safe water to the public is a utility’s primary concern, and introducing new approaches increases risk and liability.

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Ontario’s Water Mandate

Last month, Premier Kathleen Wynne offered Ontarians a window into an important factor in policy-making: the influence of our political leaders.

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WaterTAP and AEC partner with China

he venture aims to provide innovative energy and water technologies to CECEP, while exploring how groundbreaking Chinese technologies could help deliver better efficiencies and lower energy costs in Ontario.

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