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Sawdust City Brewing Launches ECONSE BRÜ CLEAN System

In September, more than 40 diverse stakeholders gathered at Sawdust City Brewing Company in Gravenhurst to recognize Sawdust as a small brewery leader in water stewardship practices, and to celebrate the launch of its innovative, onsite wastewater management and treatment system.

Sawdust City worked with ECONSE Water Purification Systems Inc. to install this innovative technology known as the BRÜ CLEAN System. BRÜ CLEAN is a small footprint, modular and chemical-free wastewater treatment solution that integrates next-generation process technology components with in-brewery source reduction and design improvements.

The system is the first of its kind for any brewery not only in Ontario; it’s the first installation in any food and beverage company in Canada.

“We made the decision to make an investment in a leading-edge technology to handle our wastewater,” said Rick Dalmazzi, COO, Sawdust City Brewing. “It’s both the technology and the approach. You get rid of as much of the solids as you can by side-streaming and the system handles the rest.”

“Onsite treatment is very important for the craft brewing industry because it lets the brewery take responsibility for their own water management,” said Derek Davy of ECONSE Water Purification Systems and developer of BRÜ CLEAN. “When they do that they’re able to open up in towns all across North America and be thriving members of that community.”

This project resulted from several pilots that were used to demonstrate the solution at different sized craft breweries in Ontario. The pilot projects were conceived by BLOOM and are part of the Water & Beer initiative that BLOOM is delivering in collaboration with the Ontario Craft Brewers.

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