Kevin Valickis

Analyst, Client Engagement

Kevin’s role at WaterTAP is to research the water technology environment and gain insights from the information.

The purpose of this research is to better inform companies and stakeholders on various water technology trends, to drive growth of Ontario’s water technology exports, to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders, and to create success stories within Ontario’s water sector.

Kevin’s career began at the Ontario Clean Water Agency, where he assisted with wastewater operations at the G.E. Booth Wastewater treatment facility and later in the accounting department. Concurrently, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Commerce at McMaster University and went on to complete an MBA in finance at Northeastern University.

In addition to working with OCWA, Kevin has experience in academic business research, market research, transfer pricing, and corporate finance. He was one of the first research consultants at Innovate Burlington (now FreshInsights Consulting), a non-profit consulting agency. There, his work included determining the strategic direction of the company, including an analysis of possible competitors, finding opportunities in the external economic environment, and analyzing internal strengths. Kevin also assisted with various economic development initiatives in Hamilton and Burlington, including understanding Burlington’s economic population as well as the economic impact of culture in the greater Hamilton area. Apart from his internal business strategy and economic development work, Kevin also assisted a small business client in determining their mission and vision statements.

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