Lesley Herstein

Director, Change Leaders Lab

Dr. Lesley Herstein brings a range of water-related experience to WaterTAP. In the private realm, she previously worked with a water technology start-up to develop and test a remote water monitoring device for drinking water systems.

She spent time abroad in Chennai, India, developing an inexpensive mapping method to map, track, and address water-related health issues in remote Indian villages. Her academic experience includes a Biosystems Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba. In addition, she holds a Masters in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University, with a thesis topic focusing on balancing environmental impact and cost when considering pipe network replacement and rehabilitation.

Lesley recently completed a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto on the topic of complexity and innovation in state and provincial water sectors. As part of this work she collaborated with individuals and entities across the Ontario water sector. This work has led her to develop a strong interest in the relationship between engineering, public policy, and municipal finance and governance. As a result, she sits on the advisory board of the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy and has served as a fellow at the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

Lesley applies her strong research and analytical skills, engineering expertise, and knowledge of the water sector to inform policy recommendations, create tools for the water sector, work with companies on research and development projects, and to better understand how to align the needs of the public sector, the private sector, and the public in promoting water innovation in Ontario.

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