Luxmy Begum

Associate, Better Best Practices Initiative

Dr. Luxmy Begum, P. Eng., PMP is an Environmental Specialist who brings more than 20 years of technology, process, research, and project management experience in the environment and renewable energy sectors. She is the Associate of WaterTAP’s Better Best Practices Initiative.

Dr. Begum has worked with major environmental engineering firms and served as a consultant across the globe. Her professional expertise includes innovative process solutions, plant design and upgrades, technology selection and evaluation, equipment selection and procurement, as well as project management and execution. She has successfully managed and delivered environmental and renewable energy projects throughout North America for municipal, provincial, and private clients.

Dr. Begum received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Her PhD research was focused on advanced wastewater treatment using innovative technologies. She was a recipient of an NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Environment Canada on alternative energy production (biogas and hydrogen). Her specializations include advanced water and wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and optimization, waste to energy, biogas generation and resource recovery.

Dr. Begum has authored numerous international journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. In addition, she has authored two books: Advanced Processes and Technologies for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion, which summarizes the most recent advances in anaerobic digestion technology, and Water Pollution: Causes, Treatments and Solutions, a comprehensive overview of water pollution, its treatment and solutions.

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