Ontario: World water technology hub

Spurred by a thriving manufacturing base, growing population, a tech-friendly legislative framework—and the ever-present private and public sector need to manage smarter and leaner—Ontario has become a world-class water technology centre.

Ontario has more than 900 water industry companies, supported research centres, incubators, accelerators and programs that encourage innovative water and wastewater technologies and services.

WaterTAP is the only non-profit organization whose sole focus is the growth and prosperity of Ontario’s water sector. WaterTAP is already supporting Ontario’s water tech entrepreneurs and the innovation-hungry customers who need their technologies. We are ready to welcome water technology researchers and companies from across the world.

WaterTAP is Ontario’s water technology champion

WaterTAP exists to champion and support Ontario’s status as a world water technology hub. We bring private sector experience to the challenge of helping water technology entrepreneurs, utilities and investors make the connections and find the resources they need to keep our water sector prospering.

Our mission is to accelerate Ontario’s water technology success by:

CONNECTING early commercial stage Ontario companies with the resources they need to successfully market their water technologies to utilities and other large users

CELEBRATING AND SHARING the successes of Ontario water utilities that are finding innovative and sustainable solutions

ADVOCATING with provincial and municipal governments to foster innovation-friendly water management policies

INTRODUCING water entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and advisors worldwide to the Ontario water community

“WaterTAP will help companies package and market their technologies. But equally—or more important—we’ll be encouraging water utilities to tackle common challenges together to provide guidance and market pull for innovative products and services.”


WaterTAP CEO Founder and former CEO, Pressure Pipe Inspection Company

Ontario produces world-class engineering and technology to meet the world’s most pressing water needs:

  • Drinking water treatment, desalination and ultrapure water
  • Wastewater treatment, storm water management, sludge treatment and nutrient recovery
  • Testing, monitoring and watershed management strategies
  • Applied research and validation led by the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, academia and private sector
  • Facility operations and operator training expertise led by the Ontario Clean Water Agency, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre and the private sector
  • Water infrastructure design, construction, and consulting—Canada is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of consulting engineering services
  • Proactive environmental and tech-friendly Government of Ontario policy framework