AquaHacking Challenge Announces Winning Team at OnWIN

On October 25, as part of Ontario Water Innovation Week 2018, five teams of young innovators pitched their cleantech solutions in at the exciting conclusion of the AquaHacking 2018: Lake Ontario & Beyond challenge for a chance at $50,000 in prizes and a spot at local incubators.

Team E-Nundation claimed the first place, making a splash with a solution that produces maps of potential flooded areas and floodwater depth based on discharge forecasts from Environment Canada to better predict and adapt to flooding.

AquaHacking, now in its fourth year, is a tech challenge designed to engage the next generation of water technology pioneers to tackle critical fresh water issues. With more than 60 engineering and tech solutions developed and 15 solutions on the market or in development, AquaHacking has proven its capability to bring together key stakeholders and innovate for impact.

Since this year’s Challenge launch in March, the five finalist teams worked with mentors from water, engineering, and technology sectors to develop functional and marketable clean-tech solutions for Lake Ontario. All of these solutions tackle real-life challenges submitted by experts from Canada’s water sector.

Runners up:

Second Place: WaterPuris

There’s already sophisticated technology to break down endocrine-disrupting chemicals. But in the home? Not necessarily. WaterPuris hacks your toilet bowl to degrade EDCs using a combo of hydrogen peroxide and UV light.

Won $15,000; incubated at Velocity

Third Place: M Power Software

M Power Software are bringing together the IoT and AI to predict and measure sewage overflow.

Won $10,000, incubated at IBM Innovation Space

Runner-Up: EGC Labs

Real-time data, real-time warnings, long term learning: EGC Labs can help governments identify patterns of sewage overflow and even the reasons behind them.

Incubated at CENTECH

Runner-Up: SWIM

SWIM’s solution presents robust and versatile decentralized sewage overflow detection with their drone-assisted infrared camera.

Incubated at InnovationXL

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