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Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and GreenCentre Canada Announce Private Investment in Forward Water Technologies

On May 28, 2018, Forward Water Technologies from Mississauga, Ontario received private investment from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and GreenCentre Canada. The investment supports the commercial scale-up of a proprietary forward osmosis technology that holds the potential to alleviate the increasing global demand for fresh water, and substantially reduce wastewater treatment and disposal costs.

Forward Water’s proprietary forward osmosis system is an energy efficient process that has been successfully demonstrated for the treatment of many challenging high total dissolved solids wastewater streams that returns fresh water for reuse in operations or discharged to either sewer or surface systems. The technology was created by Professor Philip Jessop at Queen’s University and further developed and launched as a spin-off company by GreenCentre Canada in 2012.

Forward Water has been engaged in the commercial development of its forward osmosis system and has brought it from the lab to near commercial readiness. This investment not only unlocks a substantial non-dilutive government-based funding opportunity previously announced, but poises the company for its ultimate goal of commercial success.

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