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Bishop Water Technologies and Neo Chemicals & Oxides Launch New Coagulant Technology

Renfrew, Ontario’s Bishop Water Technologies is working with Toronto-based Neo Chemicals & Oxides to launch a new coagulant in Canada to help wastewater treatment plants achieve ultra-low phosphorus limits without the need for costly filtration systems.

Neo RE300 is a rare earth-based coagulant that reduces phosphorus in treated effluent. This will assist regulators and conservation authorities working to protect sensitive water bodies from eutrophication and algae blooms linked to phosphorus discharge. Whereas RE300 can reduce phosphorus to as low as 0.07 mg/L, conventional iron- or aluminum-based coagulants cannot achieve this same result without additional filtration.

It is hoped that this new technology can help communities achieve stringent phosphorus limits without spending millions in capital costs for filtration equipment and ongoing operating costs.

According to Bishop Water Technologies, Neo RE300 outperforms conventional coagulants because the rare earth minerals it contains bond more tightly to phosphorus to form a denser, heavier precipitate that settles about two times faster than alternatives. This not only improves clarifier performance, but also dramatically reduces both the amount of coagulant used and the volume of sludge produced to achieve high phosphorus removal.

Over 50 wastewater plants in the United States are already using Neo RE300. Bishop Water and Neo Chemicals aim to bring this technology to Canadian wastewater treatment plants, insisting that improving treatment equipment can be as simple as replacing the current ferric- or alum-based coagulant with Neo RE300.