2G Robotics Inc.

2G Robotics designs and develops underwater laser scanners for efficient survey and inspection operations. The systems generate real-time 3D models of underwater structures and environments from which dimensional measurements can be repeatably captured. The high resolution 3D models provide the precision and accuracy needed for detecting and assessing damage, developing design and repair plans, and performing maintenance and installations.

The accuracy of the models ensures that if additional measurements are needed, further surveying is not required as the models serve as reliable references from which to extract additional information. 2G Robotics’ current product line consists of a series of laser scanners that operate at varying distances with the ULS-100 for short-range, the ULS-200 for mid-range, and the ULS-500 for long-range scans. The systems have been deployed on all seven continents and have been used to inspect assets including pipelines, pipe interiors, water-supply tunnels, water wells, and coastal retaining walls.