Aclarus Ozone Water Systems

Aclarus manufactures NSF-61 certified ozone systems for water and wastewater from 4gpm-4000+gpm, sold through dealer and direct across the country and the US, Australia and others.

Hundreds of Aclarus systems are now installed across Canada and abroad with cottage/residential POE systems, government projects (Municipal and Ontario Parks), engineering designs, industrial/food/medical and commercial operations, municipal waste tertiary treatment (City of Cobourg) and Academia (McGill University, Trent University, Fleming & Lambton College etc.).

Aclarus ozone systems work on-demand to treat any source water to bottled quality. Our 3-in-1 treatment in one system: disinfection (bacteria, virus, cysts, Log-2 Crypto), oxidation (iron/metals, chemicals, sulphur), and aesthetic (tannin/color, taste, smell) in a compact, practical and affordable design. Our on-going government project with McGill University showed the systemÍs unique ability to remove Emerging Contaminants of Concern from drinking and wastewater including medicines, THMs, pesticides, hormones, drugs and many chemicals.