Anaergia Inc.

Anaergia sees waste not as a problem but as an opportunity.

By recovering value from waste – in the form of renewable energy (electricity and gas), clean water, high quality fertilizer and recyclables – we provide complete, integrated solutions for municipal solid waste management, wastewater treatment operations and large-scale farming and food production operations. Our core technology offerings include organics extrusion from MSW and anaerobic digestion. We offer a wide range of delivery options to best suit a project’s needs, from the sale of capital equipment and services to DBOOF approaches that remove technology risk. Over the past 20 years our technologies are in use at more than 1,600 resource recovery facilities in more than 20 countries, generating over 355 MW of renewable power. Anaergia’s hybrid membrane technology is revolutionizing the industry by significantly reducing facility footprints and lowering life-cycle costs, enabling more communities to implement water reuse programs.