WaterTAP, Ontario's Water Sector Accelerator Since 2012,
Will Cease Operations June 30th.

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Aquatech Logistics Inc.

For over 35 years Aquatech Logistics (formerly AutoChlor) has been supplying various municipal facilities, hotels, resorts, condominiums, and other pool companies with water treatment chemicals and other aquatic related products. We have recently expanded our product line and now carry a full line of janitorial and sanitation chemicals. Aquatech has grown by recognizing that there is a demand for a knowledgeable company that can handle and understand all aspects with regards to supplying the commercial aquatics market. We offer fast, dependable delivery service of a wide range of products at very reasonable prices. We also specialize in the distribution and packaging of Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine). We have the equipment and capability of filling up containers and holding tanks of any size, right on site. We also offer private labelling for other chemical distributors.