Riptide Tek

Riptide Tek produces a smart meter to monitor the level of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in interceptors. FOG and solids level data is wirelessly transmitted to facility staff, bylaw enforcement staff and pumper/service companies. Grease blockages and resulting spills and back-ups are eliminated by servicing grease interceptors before they overflow into sewer system.

By investing in a universal mandatory grease interceptor smart meter program, municipalities will eliminate the costs and political embarrassment of grease blockages (more than 20,000 events and $1 billion in North America) and have access to a beneficial resource (the collected “waste”: FOG). The “smart” level monitor also reduces costs for food service establishments by optimizing their interceptor pump-outs. This smart meter also helps these establishments avoid brand-damaging sewage back-ups into their establishments.