EnviroGem, Inc.

EnviroGem specializes in troubleshooting and optimizing industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants around the world with a special focus on water recovery & reuse. EnviroGem assists in solving various process related problems faced by wastewater treatment plants that are not working properly as designed. EnviroGem develops cloud-based operating data/metrics monitoring tools to understand the performance of treatment plants.

EnviroGem also assists in Wastewater characterization, Conceptual process evaluation, Bench & Pilot scale treatability studies, Process & Equipment selection, Process design review & value engineering, Startup & performance evaluation, Lab setup, Training of operating team, etc. EnviroGem specializes in biological wastewater treatment from lagoons to membrane bioreactors and advanced membrane systems and oxidation systems. EnviroGem assists in developing strategies for upgrading existing treatment plants with innovative process modification to minimize capital & operating costs and to improve operational reliability.