EnviroSim Associates Ltd.

EnviroSim Associates Ltd. develops and markets leading edge tools for simulation of wastewater treatment processes. Engineering consultants, municipalities, and educational institutions from around the world use our products [including Chinese-language versions].

BioWin is an interactive dynamic simulator for municipal wastewater treatment plants. The software incorporates the most up-to-date proven process models for biological nutrient removal, oxygen transfer modeling, settling, and anaerobic digestion. The interface allows users to rapidly set-up treatment plant configurations, interactively run simulations, and summarize results in tables and presentation quality charts. The software runs under Windows operating systems. PetWin is an interactive process simulator developed specifically for plants treating wastewaters from petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants. EnviroSim staff have extensive experience solving treatment plant process problems, optimizing performance, and in treatment plant process design. We support our clients through training seminars, software support, and involvement in project teams where our tools are being applied.