H2Flow Equipment Inc.

H2FLOW has developed a unique line of products for small to medium size wastewater treatment plants, and we called it the TILT. The H2FLOW TILT treatment plants are an innovative, radical departure from conventional wastewater package treatment plants.

Not only does the TILT utilize modular liquid ISO containers as the basis for the treatment plant, but H2FLOW has revolutionized the industry by tilting the containers onto their side, hereby maximizing oxygen transfer efficiency in the aerobic treatment reactors. This is an H2FLOW patent pending feature. We have created a much more powerful bioreactor in a smaller footprint. The TILT offers robust treatment technology at a low cost, and it ships easily anywhere around the world. The TILT Bioreactors are available in different platforms and configurations: MBBR (Moving Bed Bioreactors), MBR (Membrane Bioreactors) or SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactors). They are suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater applications.