WaterTAP, Ontario's Water Sector Accelerator Since 2012,
Will Cease Operations June 30th.

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HydroFlow Canada

HydroFlow Canada distributes Hydropath Technologies Electronic Water Conditioners. 20 + years of preventing and eliminating limescale, biofilm, algae, and bacteria in Recirculation systems, Boilers, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Towers, Kitchen Systems, Retaining Ponds and Pools. Stop STRUVITE in WWTP Piping, Presses, and Centrifuges. Proven, Verified and Patented Low Power, Environmentally friendly option to Chemicals. Cut your energy and chemicals costs with a much more environmentally friendly system. Each 1mm of limescale cost 6% more in energy inputs, 4 mm = 24%. We can stop the buildup and remove existing bringing back peak efficiency. All systems use less than 1 amp of power at 120V, and come with a 100 % Money Back Guarantee. HYDROFLOW, The Green Alternative.