RainGrid Inc.

Resilient cities are smart cities, so RainGrid designs and delivers intelligent rain harvesting networks for residential [Stormwater Smartgrid] and commercial [smartBlu Roofs] properties. At RainGrid we envision intelligent distributed rain harvesting networks protecting individual homes and businesses, communities and cities at large from climate flood and drought stressors and shocks.

The foundation of a smart, climate resilient city begins where the rain falls, and to help cities and utilities meet their urban flood and drought resilience challenge, RainGrid uses artificial intelligence and internet of things to manage a community climate resilience utility platform-the Stormwater Smartgrid. Stormwater Smartgrids are distributed networks of intelligent rain harvesting that operate autonomously of property-owner intervention but which provide exceptional benefit to property owners, city stormwater and water supply utilities, all the while generating an incredible wealth of micro-climate data on property based flood and drought risk exposure that informs infrastructure planning, insurance risk calculation and real estate valuation. RainGrid Stormwater Smartgrid Systems are your foundation technology for reliable, measurable and effective climate resilience and adaptation.