Real Tech Inc.

Real Tech Inc. is an award winning company that designs and manufactures real-time water quality monitoring sensors and custom software for industrial and municipal water quality monitoring. Since inception, our vision has remained the same: To improve access to water quality monitoring through the development of practical, accurate and affordable solutions.

Real Tech’s optical sensors use ultraviolet and/or visible light to detect various absorbing substances, allowing for water quality parameters such as TOC, BOD, COD, TSS, NO3, UV254 and UVT to be measured in a simple and effective manner in real-time without chemical reagents. Our patented and innovative technologies solve the inherent challenges faced when using light for analysis, providing a measurement that is accurate, precise and stable.

Real Tech’s comprehensive product portfolio and custom software help clients detect contaminants, reduce energy and water consumption, protect public health and minimize pollution of our waterways, improving our world’s most precious resource.