Syrinix is an award-winning leader in providing intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions, providing utilities the ability to improve risk management of water and wastewater pipelines, moving from reactive to active on a highly cost-effective basis. Their products are as follows:

PipeMinder T: regarded as the leading, most sensitive monitoring solution in the market place, providing early identification of emerging leaks on critical transmission water mains that are often the precursor to a catastrophic failure.

PipeMinder S: a flexible network monitoring solution with a 5-year battery life and continuous high sample data analysis with immediate event notification, essential to leak/burst reduction, network calming, asset repair planning.

PipeMinder C: for wastewater forced mains, monitors pressure continuously at a high-sample rate with an external transducer, vastly reducing the risk of blockage by solid material in the main.

RADAR: cloud based portal with detailed analytics, reporting, and notifications. A single platform for all Syrinix products.