Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies encompasses five businesses: Aquafine, Trojan Marinex, TrojanUV, Salsnes Filter, and VIQUA. The products and services provided by these businesses play vital roles in making various stages of the water treatment process more effective, efficient and sustainable.

We enable customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy, resources and space. Collaboratively solving problems with our customers, we deliver low-risk, innovative technologies that offer sustainable results.

Treatment technologies include the following: UV disinfection for water and wastewater, UV-oxidation , UV-photolysis, chlorine/chloramines destruction, filtration, and ozone destruction.

Collectively, the Trojan Technologies group of businesses ensures greater water confidence and environmental stewardship for people, industries and municipalities, improving the lives of over one billion people globally.