WaterTAP, Ontario's Water Sector Accelerator Since 2012,
Will Cease Operations June 30th.

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World Water Operator Training Company

WWOTC is a diversely capable leader when it comes to water and wastewater operational training. WWOTC is the choice for many given our long standing stature as a leading provider of operator training service; in the development of large or small training advancement strategies and, in operator certification systems. Having developed a library of over 150 accredited courses; assembled an unparalleled roster of seasoned instructors; built a highly capable team of operational “coaches” and designed, opened and operate our famous Hands-on training centres, we have fostered a reputation for being very creative, uniquely talented and experienced to a degree that surpasses nearly every global competitor. In fact, many of the most unique programs available were started by WWOTC and copied by others. No other private training company in Ontario can offer what WWOTC can when it comes to delivering hands on training given the establishment of our schools in Windsor and Hamilton Ontario.

Having first-hand expertise in customized program development and in the delivery to thousands of students annually, WWOTC should be called upon by any organization with capacity building goals or with a basic desire to raise the bar when it comes to the development of operational competencies. Developing a master plan and driving this change is not insurmountable, it just requires the commitment and right leadership team to get things moving in the right direction. WWOTC is that team. Put us on yours.