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Clearford Acquires Koester, Announces New Contracts

Clearford Water Systems Inc. from Ottawa has announced a new acquisition, two new contracts, and an update on two previous Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs).

The company recently announced its acquisition of Koester Canada Inc., an Ontario-based water and wastewater treatment and operating solutions provider. Koester Canada is comprise of two divisions, the Koester Canada Design-Build and Koester Team Aquatic Operations Groups, which will be renamed Clearford-Koester Canada and Clearford Waterworks, respectively. Both divisions will continue to provide high-quality management of water supply and wastewater treatment systems for small communities, along with the manufacturing and supply of packaged treatment solutions, including containerized membrane plants for advanced water treatment.

As well, Clearford announced that it has signed contracts for two new Clearford One® systems in Gujarat State with McCain Foods (India) and Hilti Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. The company will provide complete onsite wastewater solutions for the collection and treatment of sewage from toilets and washroom facilities at the McCain plant in the Mehsana District and the Hilti plant in Navsari, India. The ClearRecover® treatment option for both sites is a low-cost facility by Vision Earthcare Pvt. Ltd using the CAMUS‑SBT soil bio-technology that was developed by the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. The facilities are specifically engineered to treat Clearford One effluent to a quality that is suitable for beneficial reuse for onsite irrigation of landscaping around the facilities.

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