Clearford Delivers On-Site Sanitation Systems to India

Clearford Water Systems Inc. from Ottawa, Ontario has announced that it will be delivering its fourth on-site sanitation system for commercial and industrial developments to India. With Clearford One’s technologies, the company has handed over the operation of its wastewater collection and treatment facility system installed at the McCain Foods facility in Mehsana District in February 2019.

While offering its services to McCain Foods, Clearford has also installed and commissioned two treatment systems at the HILTI Manufacturing plant, also in Gujarat State. One of the HILTI systems was handed over in November 2018 and the other system is in the final testing phase, very near to successful commissioning and handover.

Following the success of these projects, Clearford was recently awarded the contract for a third sanitation system for HILTI Manufacturing. The Clearford and HILTI teams have continued their fast-paced, quality work so that the third facility is nearing 90% completion and is expected to be handed off by the end of March 2019. When this third wastewater system is complete, over 250 employees currently at the HILTI Manufacturing facility will have access to improved sanitation, and the facility will reduce its water consumption by 25 cubic metres per day through the beneficial reuse of treated wastewater for landscaping irrigation at the site.