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Eddy Home Wins 2018 AI Pioneer Award

Toronto, Ontario-based Eddy Home was awarded a 2018 AI Pioneer Award by Insurance Nexus at the Insurance AI and Analytics USA Summit in Chicago on June 27 and 28. Named one of three 2018 AI Pioneers, the company is a manufacturer of smart water monitoring and leak protection solutions, integrating Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies in water usage patterns.

Eddy’s leak protection solution includes the Eddy IQ, a device installed on a water main that tracks usage and includes a remote and automatic shutoff, and Eddy H2O sensors which are placed in various locations near water sources to pinpoint the exact location of leaks or other issues. An app and dashboard are included depending on the application, and users can track their water consumption in real time as well as act immediately when issues are detected.

Insurance Nexus is a hub for insurance executives, offering in-depth industry analysis, targeted research, niche events, and quality content, and provides platforms to network, discuss, learn and shape the future of the insurance industry. It hosts several Insurance AI events each year in Europe and North America.

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