Ontario Environment and Cleantech Business and Policy Forum

May 30, 2017 - May 30, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Ontario is transitioning to a low-carbon circular economy and moving rapidly on implementing a cap-and-trade program and a new resource recovery framework, while also rolling out major infrastructure projects. What new opportunities can Ontario’s clean technology sector expect and how can it innovate and prosper during this transition? How will various external factors – in Canada and beyond – impact the situation in Ontario?

ONEIA’s fifth annual Business and Policy Forum is a day-long event that will offer:

  • Insights into the political environment impacting the clean technology sector both within and outside the province;
  • Industry outlook for Ontario and export markets;
  • Sharing examples of innovative businesses and technologies within Ontario’s clean technology sector;
  • Insights from key Ontario Deputy Ministers on current and future policies and programs;
  • Roundtable discussions with senior Ontario government officials on public policy and programs including: cap and trade; water/wastewater/storm water management; resource recovery; organics diversion; soil management; modernization of approvals; infrastructure development; and green procurement impacting your business
  • The opportunity to meet a diverse network of persons and organizations that can help you grow your business.