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Federal Government Releases Data Measuring Cleantech Economic Impact

Statistics Canada has released new data that, for the first time, shows how clean technologies and environmental goods and services benefit the GDP and jobs in Canada.

The document entitled The Environmental and Clean Technology Products Economic Account, 2007 to 2016 measures the contribution of environmental goods and services in the Canadian economy, including products such as clean energy, waste management, environmental and clean technology product manufacturing, and other technical services.

The data shows that production of clean technologies, clean energy, and environmental goods and services contributed three percent of Canada’s gross domestic product and provided jobs to 274,000 Canadians in 2016. Exports of Canadian clean technology and environmental goods and services companies also accounted for two percent of Canada’s total exports abroad.

Canada is among the first countries to measure the impact of clean technologies and environmental goods and services on a national level and commit to the regular publication of data on clean technology to inform decision-making, improve knowledge and foster innovation.

More information about the data and the account is available here.