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Forward Water Receives $1M in Government Funding

Scientist Karinna Yu selecting glassware for standard bench scale forward osmosis analysis. Credit: WaterTAP/Nick Spector

Forward Water Technologies recently announced its successful application of a joint funding award through Alberta Innovates and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) aimed at accelerating the commercialization of water-related technologies that benefit Alberta and Canada.

The Mississauga-based company received $1 million ($500,000 each from federal and provincial governments) to develop a new water treatment process to lower costs and reduce the need for wastewater disposal during oil production.

The technology behind Forward Water originated in the Queen’s University labs of Professor Philip Jessop. The forward osmosis system is an energy efficient process that has been successfully demonstrated for the treatment of many challenging high total dissolved solids wastewater streams. The process returns fresh water that can be re-used in operations using less energy than conventional processes and reduces overall the environmental footprint of wastewater treatment. Forward Water Technologies has been engaged in the commercial development of this technology and has brought it from the lab to near commercial readiness.

Forward Water Technologies, a GreenCentre Canada spin-off company, is revolutionizing fresh water production through an inexpensive, low-energy desalination approach that uses switchable salt to purify water. This technology will allow for the economical treatment of highly saline and mineralized water that cannot be treated effectively today, including difficult-to-treat wastewater in the resource sector while providing a freshwater stream that can be recycled into operations, leading to both a reduction in total water costs and environmental footprint.

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