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Forward Water Technologies Develops Micro Pilot Project at Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park

As previously announced, Mississauga, Ontario-based Forward Water Technologies received an investment from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and GreenCentre Canada in May 2018.

With this investment, Forward Water has now located a micro-pilot-unit, a pre-commercial development scale-up of its proprietary forward osmosis technology, at Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park in Sarnia, Ontario. This fully scalable engineering skid will allow Forward Water to collect the critical operational information which can, in turn, be used in the field. Using this data and additional funding from Alberta Innovates and Sustainable Development Technology Canada, the company will execute on a commercial scale field trial near Airdrie, Alberta.

Forward Water anticipates that the project will be fully underway by the summer of 2019. The equipment being installed in Sarnia is critical to the Alberta project because it will allow the company to model the process and potentially train operators ahead of the field tests.

The micro-pilot unit was built to study Forward Water’s proprietary forward osmosis process, develop new and more efficient means for completing the process, and to serve as a testing facility for applications and client tests ahead of commercial scale activities.

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