WaterTAP, Ontario's Water Sector Accelerator Since 2012,
Will Cease Operations June 30th.

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program

Support for Canadian companies, individuals, and Indigenous organizations involved in activities that support the fish and seafood sectors (e.g., harvesting, aquaculture, processing) to undertake activities that reduce environmental impacts of the industry. This may include the adoption of clean processes, clean technologies, sustainable practices, All project proposals submitted for consideration must also include at least 10% confirmed provincial and territorial government funding that’s cash or in-kind. The program funds up to 75% of eligible project costs. Applicants are required to supplement this funding with a minimum of 10% provincial/territorial funding (cash or in-kind) and 5% other federal department/agency program funding or provincial/territorial/municipal government funding. Total government funding cannot exceed 90%. Applicants seeking more that $50,000 are subject to additional reporting requirements.