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Greyter Technology Adopted for Renewable Energy Concept Home in Florida

Meritage Homes, an American real estate development company, recently worked with Toronto, Ontario-based Greyter Water Systems on a new concept home that features sustainable building materials and products.

As part of a suite of technologies, the Greyter HOME water recycling solution is an integral part of Meritage Homes’ reNEWable Living Home. To enhance water efficiency, the Greyter HOME captures and treats water from the showers and baths so that it can be reused to meet the demands of household toilet flushing.

Meritage’s new concept home was unveiled January 8 at the at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show® in Florida. The 5,800 square foot reNEWable Living Home is located within Meritage’s Estates at Parkside community in Orlando.

In addition to energy-efficient features, and new UV-reflecting roof tiles, the reNEWable Living Home contains enough renewable energy sources to meet a Net Zero Energy standard, meaning it produces all or most of the energy it consumes. Unlike conventional homes that have daily peaks and valleys due to changing weather and occupant demands, this home concept combines technologies to store energy and eliminate the normal erratic energy consumption that currently requires utilities to build trillions of dollars in infrastructure.