Growth Catalyst Program

**The Growth Catalyst program will be launching calls for applications in September 2018. Contact us for details.**

Does your Ontario water technology company need a business boost? Tap into trusted, effective sector expertise with WaterTAP’s Growth Catalyst program, which is designed to bring short-term, boots-on-the-ground expertise that can help your company quickly overcome strategic, operational, and financial challenges.

Eligible projects fall within these categories:

  • Business development and strategy definition
  • Business idea and value proposition
  • Market access strategy
  • Technology development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Partnerships and consortia
  • Policy and regulatory research
  • Preparation to receive investment, grants, and funding

The Growth Catalyst program is currently full. Please contact us to learn when new openings may be available.

Curious about whether your business challenge fits these categories? Contact WaterTAP—we can help you determine your project scope. Simply submit this form to begin the discussion.

How does Growth Catalyst work?

Applying for the Growth Catalyst program involves four steps.

  1. Contact WaterTAP for a consultation. Indicate the project area, give a brief description of the project components, and explain how the project will help your business grow.
  2. Discuss the project scope and eligibility with a WaterTAP project manager.
  3. Submit a formal detailed proposal.
  4. If your proposal is successful, WaterTAP will prepare an agreement for your company and initiate the project.

From the first point of contact to the project initiation, the application process may take between 4 to 6 weeks. WaterTAP reserves the right to defer successful applications until the next project cycle.

Is there funding available for projects?

The total project cost is established at prevailing market rates. WaterTAP has limited funds available to offset project costs, subject to eligibility criteria. Participating companies are expected to make a contribution to the total project cost based on their size and ability to pay. In certain exceptional circumstances, company contributions may be deferred or be payable on an income-contingent basis.

Program eligibility

Your company must have a presence in Ontario, or must be able to demonstrate interest in establishing a presence in Ontario in connection with the project. Successful applicants will be required to provide feedback and a follow-up report.


This application cycle is currently closed. Contact one of our advisors to learn about the next round of project eligibility and to discuss your company’s needs.

How to apply

Request a consultation with a member of the WaterTAP team.

The Growth Catalyst program is currently full. Please contact us to learn when new openings may be available.