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Guidance From Above: Lessons In Water Technology Innovation

Ontario has become a world leader in water and wastewater technology development. Learn what policies and practices have facilitated success and which innovations are primed for impact.

While the U.S. has its share of water technology hubs — Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts spring to mind — Ontario, Canada, has generated more water-related patents over the past 30 years than any of its “water cluster” peers. The secret to the region’s success in developing potentially transformative water technologies is in the support provided from the Government of Ontario and from within the cluster itself.

The main vehicle for government support is the Water Technology Acceleration Project, or WaterTAP, which pulls together private, public, and academic resources to promote water quality and security — and Ontario business. Though WaterTAP was initially created for economic reasons, the effect of water technology innovation is universal. True breakthroughs pay dividends for us all.

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