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Island Water Technologies Named to CIX Top 20

The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) has announced its annual list of the top 20 most innovative technology companies in Canada for 2018. Island Water Technologies Inc., which has an Ottawa-based office, was named as a part of this cohort.

Island Water Technologies is a wastewater technology company that specializes in modular, solar-powered treatment solutions. The company provides robust, low-complexity, self-powered wastewater treatment for domestic and industrial industries.

CIX is Canada’s largest technology investment conference, attracting global investors and Canada’s most innovative early and growth stage startups.

Companies were chosen via a selection committee featuring entrepreneurs and industry leaders from the likes of Sidewalk Labs, Scotiabank, Highline BETA, and MaRS. From there, hundreds of company profiles were narrowed down to the top 20 based on product/service offering, depth of management, market opportunity, and business model.

The conference takes place on October 22 and 23 in Toronto.