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Leak Detection Innovation in Walkerton

The average leak in a municipal water system can flow for up to 20 years. When undetected, these leaks can be the source of significant service disruptions and costly repairs—in fact, there are more than 700 water main breaks per day in North America, some posing major threats to health and safety in cities. The World Bank estimates the total cost of “lost” (or non-revenue) water to utilities is U.S. $14 billion per year. The simple conclusion? Reducing water loss can save millions for municipalities and mitigate substantial risk.

With support from parent company Mueller Co., Toronto-based Echologics, a global leader in non-invasive acoustic water main leak detection and pipeline assessment technologies, is making a critical investment in addressing the growing challenge of failing buried infrastructure. In September 2015, the company opened a three-acre R&D facility in Walkerton, Ontario that will allow its innovators to test its latest “smart” solutions, showcase capabilities for visiting utilities, and provide operators with hands-on training experiences.

Leak Detection Innovation in Walkerton Water Canada