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Lystek and Dalhousie University Partner on Phosphorus Project

Credit: WaterTAP/Nick Spector

Lystek International Inc. from Cambridge, Ontario has announced that it will partner with Dalhousie University on a research project that will entail better predictability of phosphorus forms and availability. The project has been made feasible through the award of a NSERC Engage Grant. Lystek will collaborate with Dr. Gordon Price, an Associate Professor at Dalhousie University and a leader in academic research in new technologies for waste bio-conversion and stabilization.

NSERC Engage Grants give innovative companies access to the unique knowledge, expertise, and capabilities available at Canadian universities and colleges. These grants are intended to foster the development of new research partnerships by supporting short-term research and development projects aimed at addressing a company-specific problem and that also relates to the company’s core competencies or activities.

The project will evaluate different soil phosphorus tests for their ability to predict plant-available phosphorus from LysteGro® fertilizer in different soils as well as compare phosphorus availability in different LysteGro fertilizer formulations. The critical impact of this research will allow Lystek to better understand the phosphorus forms and availability in LysteGro so that it can be used in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

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