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New Year, New Talent: Leveraging WaterTAP’s New Job Board

Greetings! A new year has arrived, and resolutions are the signposts that guide our ambitions through the year ahead. How will you define success in 2019 and how do you plan on getting there?

Sometimes the question is not ‘how?’ but ‘with whom?’ In 2018, talent acquisition was a hot topic among many of WaterTAP’s client companies. The market has been competitive not only for job seekers, but also for employers looking to recruit talented individuals. For example, many overlapping sectors are competing with water for the same crop of engineers, scientists, and other technical specialists.

For water tech companies looking to expand their teams, look no further than WaterTAP’s Job Board! Last month, we introduced this new resource on our website to meet demand from the sector.

Many experts have cited January as the month with the most job hunting, and hence the most competition. We invite you to tap into WaterTAP’s network of talented job applicants to help you get ahead on your resolutions this year.

Into 2019, we’re continuing the festivities with a 50% savings promotion. For the month of January, companies can submit unlimited posts using the discount code. At the checkout, enter NEWYEAR2019 to redeem this offer.