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Ontario-Chinese Business Partnership Focuses on Water in Winery Pilot

Bell has announced a new partnership with Ontario-based BeWhere, an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, and China-based tech company Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker. The two companies are working together to launch a cleantech pilot at the Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery in Niagara Region.

Together, the companies have developed an environmental monitoring solution to help improve the health and quality of plants at the vineyard. The product will use sensors connected to Bell’s LTE-M wireless network to remotely monitor temperature automatically adjusting as weather conditions change. The environmental smart technology also includes a water monitoring component to measure levels and provide timely alerts. The innovative IoT solution will help lower costs, keep more vines alive longer and promote greater sustainability.

Huawei has committed up to $303 million for research initiatives in Ontario over five years.

Premier Wynne will continue strengthening ties with international partners on her upcoming business mission to China and Vietnam. The mission will connect more than 100 Ontario companies and institutions with global partners, opening doors to expand their businesses, and develop world-leading technology. WaterTAP’s Raad Seraj will join this mission to support the interests on Ontario’s water technology sector.