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Purifics Awarded Purification System Contract in Granisle, British Columbia

London, Ontario-based Purifics Water Inc. has been awarded a $1,321,000 contract for the Village of Granisle, British Columbia for a drinking water purification system. The drinking water plant will consist of dual M36 CUF® systems (Ceramic Ultra-Filtration). Each CUF system has a capacity of 1 Mega Litre/day (0.25 MGD) with 100% growth capability in the same platform.

The Lake Babine Water Treatment Plant will include construction of a new water treatment building, two ceramic membrane systems, primary and secondary disinfection, a new clear well, new pumping system and it will tie into the existing distribution systems.

The CUF® process will remove colour, dissolved organic carbon, and cryptosporidium from Lake Babine, the raw water source for the Village. The CUF® systems will reduce DOC to less than 1.0 mg/l to eliminate THM and HAA formation concerns, true colour to less than five TCU, and exceed the regulatory requirement of three log removal credits for cryptosporidium.

Purifics says that the CUF® process eliminates the need for pre-treatment, which is a very expensive requirement for conventional membrane water purification plants. It also allows for the use of free chlorine for both primary and residual disinfection at near residual disinfection levels. In addition to this, the CUF® process eliminates the need and cost of UV.

Progressive Ventures Construction has been selected to build the new water Plant. Progressive Ventures will be working closely with WSP, the Consulting Engineering firm for the project.

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