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Purifics Wins Stormwater Purification Contract

London, Ontario-based Purifics Water Inc. has been awarded a $4.41-million contract by the City of Long Beach in California for the purchase of stormwater purification equipment. The treatment equipment to be provided by Purifics consists of its patented ceramic ultra-filtration system (CUF®) and photocatalytic oxidation process known as Photo-Cat®.

The City Council approved the contract award on a sole source basis in its meeting on April 3, 2018. The Purifics water treatment technologies will be used to treat stormwater and purify it for recycling and reuse. The stormwater reuse project is part of a larger venture by the City called the Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment Project (MUST). The recycled water resulting from treatment using the Purifics technologies will irrigate City parks and sustain a wetlands habitat that has been proposed as part of the MUST project.

The stormwater recycling component of the MUST project is projected to cost $30 million and will consist of a stormwater treatment facility with an objective to improve Long Beach’s water quality and create a wetlands area which will benefit aquatic life and recreational beach activity. Through the capture and treatment of the stormwater, the project will reduce pollutants into the Los Angeles River and City beaches.