Ontario Water News

Region of Waterloo and eleven-x Partner for Smart City Water Project

Waterloo-based eleven-x™, operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast LoRaWAN™ Low Power Wide Area Network, has announced a new “smart city” development project with the Region of Waterloo.

The Region and eleven-x are teaming up to test the real-time automated data collection from the Region’s water supply production and monitoring wells. eleven-x’s next-generation network enables connectivity with low-cost devices that could provide the Region with real-time communication of the status of key parameters for managing primary water supply sources.

About 75% of the Region’s water supply is derived from groundwater through a system of 132 large production wells extracting water from local sand, gravel and rock aquifers. The Region automatically captures data from a network of 585 monitoring wells to assess any impacts and provide information to manage its water supply sources. However, the data is only collected manually several times over the course of a year, which results in delays in getting status information for each of the supply wells. These delays restrict the Region’s ability to make decisions about managing its water supply.

eleven-x is integrating its network to connect with data-logging devices to enable automated measuring and tracking of well water levels and temperature from select production and monitoring wells. Water data will be collected and communicated automatically on an hourly basis. Additionally, the company will test a newly added capability of event-driven real-time alerts based on predetermined parameters, such as significant level fluctuations.

Launched late last year, eleven-x provides a LoRaWAN™ based carrier grade network that enables low cost connectivity and data communications for IoT applications. In addition to the deployment with the Region of Waterloo, the company currently also has other pilots underway enables smart city initiatives such as smart parking and smart street lighting, as well as industrial and enterprise IoT applications, such as smart metering, asset monitoring, smart buildings and smart agriculture.