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Ryerson Urban Water Launches Five-Year Strategic Plan

L-R: Nick Reid, Ryerson Urban Water; Rick VanSant, WaterTAP; Angela Murphy, Ryerson Urban Water; Dr. Peter Gallant, WaterTAP. Courtesy: Ryerson Urban Water

In April, Ryerson Urban Water (RUW) and Ryerson’s Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation hosted a mixer to share expertise, build bridges, and foster a culture of partnership toward potential advancements in the water sector.

The event welcomed Ryerson researchers as well as government and industry experts within the water landscape. Ryerson researchers presented their work and ongoing research programs, followed by a networking reception where industry and government stakeholders described their various interests, challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

RUW member researchers spoke on multidisciplinary topics, including innovative water quality testing methods, wetlands remediation, green roof technologies, impacts of urban pollution on watersheds, impacts of acoustic pollution on water bodies, hydrology and flow efficiency in urban water systems, and integrated urban water management strategies.

As part of the mixer, RUW also launched its five-year strategic plan. Over the next five years, the organization’s activities and projects will be guided by six strategic goals:

  • Establish RUW as the pre-eminent collaborative hub for excellence in applied research in solving urban water challenges.
  • Establish RUW as a leader in delivering water education through traditional and innovative approaches.
  • Establish RUW as the urban water advisor on policy strategies for all levels of government.
  • Host think tanks to engage, analyse, and coalesce knowledge to inform decisions that advance healthy urban water cycles.
  • Develop an incubation, knowledge mobilization, and commercialization path to leverage opportunities arising from RUW projects.
  • Secure a sustained funding model for RUW.

“The role of Ryerson Urban Water is to provide solutions that ensure a healthy urban water cycle through research, education, and effective policy implementation,” says Nick Reid, Executive Director of RUW.