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SENTRY Partners with Budapest Treatment Facility for Technology Validation

SENTRY, which has an Ottawa-based office, has partnered with Organica for technology validation. The company installed its sensor technology at Organica’s wastewater treatment plant in Budapest, Hungary. The key goal of the installation was to test whether the SENTRY platform could both replace and improve traditional manual wastewater sampling. Local sampling was performed by Organica personnel.

The Organica wastewater treatment plant consists of a primary clarifier, two anoxic tanks, six aerobic tanks, clarification, post nitrification and post denitrification. The plant treats as much as 80,000 m3/day (roughly 1/3rd of the municipal flow from Budapest). Anaerobic digestion is done at the facility, with the filtrate returning through sand traps and then back into the primary clarifier.

The sensor was demonstrated to be a functional tool for the on-site operator in understanding key process factors, such as real-time water quality monitoring and identifying events that pose challenges for the water treatment processes.

From this partnership, the SENTRY bio-electrode technology was successfully confirmed as a viable real-time monitoring platform for biological activity at the Organica plant. The sensor was demonstrated to function from influent, bioreactor, and effluent tie-in locations.