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Showcasing Water Innovation Final Report Available

Through Showcasing Water Innovation, Ontario supported 32 high value projects in Ontario’s cities, towns and First Nation Communities. Projects used innovative technologies and approaches to solve drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater challenges. They enabled communities to optimize existing infrastructure, defer capital investments, stabilize operating costs, prioritize water investments, conserver water, and lower energy use and carbon emissions. Read Now.

Final Report:
We invite you to read this report and consider the opportunities and benefits of innovation in water management. The report shares what the communities did, the results achieved, and lessons learned along the way. We hope these pioneering communities will inspire others to plan and implement their own innovative water management projects. Read Now.

Showcasing Water Innovation Resources:

Explore our collection of resources on the Showcasing Water Innovation program showcasing best practices in sustainable water management.

Case Studies:

Learn from municipalities and communities across Ontario and read about how they developed and implemented their water initiatives. Read Now.


Water sustainability champions talk about how their water projects are helping make their communities resilient for today and future generations. View Now.

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Drinking Water

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