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Strategic Digital Promotion: Making Client-Oriented Websites

On December 5, WaterTAP will welcome Nat Korol and Richard Lee from Hyphen Co., a Toronto-based digital experience firm, as guest speakers at a Marketing User Group (MUG) session on Digital Promotion. Their presentation will help water tech companies learn about the most effective ways to allocate digital marketing and sales budgets to drive leads.

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Speaking to Korol, it’s clear that digital awareness and promotion is an integral marketing tool – so long as you take care to be strategic in your approach.

“Our MUG presentation will offer a tactical checklist for companies who already have a website, and that checklist will really help them attract, convert, and retain visitors,” she says. “The goal of the talk will be to help companies re-evaluate their website as an actual sales force that drives leads, rather than a nagging expense.”

“Too many companies treat their website as a brochure,” she says. “We will share how to ensure your site has better resonance with customers, and also how it can help attract the right visitors in the first place.”

“You want to help potential customers understand not only what you do, but the value that you bring to them specifically,” Korol says. “Once you capture their interest and specific information, you can then follow up to establish a digital relationship and trust.”

Establishing your ideal customer

Many companies have difficulty determining their ideal market or customer for their product or service, Korol says. “When we work with companies, one of the first things we do is to create ideal buyer personas. While this persona is a fictional composite, we build this ideal client from a pool of existing clients, interviews, surveys, and research.”

“Everyone has their dream list of their top five clients,” Korol says. “However, in order to get a better understanding of what those potential clients need, you should consult internally with your administrative support or sales teams members, in order to gather the necessary demographic and psychogeographic data that will help drive sales.”

“You really need to understand the client’s everyday goals, needs, and challenges in their business, as opposed to strictly focusing on how your service or product is marketed to help them,” she says. “Once these ideal buyer personas are established – that’s who you want to try and gear your specific unique value messaging.”

“Working with a consulting firm can allow companies to get an objective view of their technology or service, in order to determine whether your company is consistently meeting the needs of a potential customer,” she says. “With this strategy in mind, our MUG presentation will cater its checklist to ensure you’re directing your digital promotion to your ideal customer.”

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